The best Open Bus service in Vietnam

Vietnam has a variety of buses that can cater you to different parts of their country. They also implemented a good structure for their bus lines recently so now, bus lines have ticket offices, official ticket price list and departure/arrival schedule. In short, their bus lines are organized and follows a strict schedule. Vietnam has different types of buses namely: deluxe, local and open.

Deluxe buses are air-conditioned. The passengers have an assurance that they’d have a seat with enough space to feel comfortable while on the road. Deluxe buses have reclining seats, giving passengers the utmost comfort. Some also have flat beds that are padded so their passengers can snooze while waiting for their arrival. Some destinations can be hours away and taking a nap while listening to good music can give tourists a relaxing experience. These buses can be a good alternative to trains for the price is almost the same. Plus, deluxe buses are non-smoking area and some have free Wi-Fi (but don’t hope for a fast connection, though). As for the entertainment side of deluxe buses, they can certainly entertain you with their TVs and karaoke machines. These are perfect if you want to dig in a little bit more on the culture of Vietnamese people while having fun.

If you just want to relax quietly in your own space in the bus, deluxe buses also offer ear plugs and eye masks so that those singing the karaoke wouldn’t disturb you. But when it comes to stopovers, these buses stop at the most major cities as well as for meal breaks (just like when you’re on the road for a family/friendly vacation). There are two most popular deluxe buses: the Mai Linh Express and the Vietfun Travel. The Mai Linh Express, the most reliable and punctual, have clean buses and offer the utmost comfort across Vietnam. Their destinations include all the most visited tourist spots as well as the cities in the central highlands. The Viet Fun Travel, on the other hand, is a sleeper bus and offers a nationwide service.

While deluxe buses are more on far away cities, local buses are designed for short distances only. Local buses are the like the typical bus lines where they have bus stops-picking up as much passengers as they can. Apparently, local buses are not famous among travelers because conductors of said buses over-charge foreigners.

Lastly, the open bus Vietnam. Open buses are like local buses and deluxe buses combined. These are made for foreigners and travelers on a budget. Passengers and tourists can dive in or hop off at any city they want. Some buses stop for sightseeing purposes so that their passengers can enjoy the ride as well as the views. The most sought out pro of these buses is that their prices are reasonable. Price depends on the number of stops you add. So the more the stops, the higher the price will be. The only downside of open buses is that tourists are combined altogether with no or minimal contact with locals. It’s part of the trip to be able to talk to local people to fully maintain the adventure of the trip. But, you can always hop off the bus and change your plans and have the chance of talking to some local people.

One of the most popular open buses is the Viet Fun Travel. They have comfortable buses and computerized seat plan for reservations. Plus, they have a very good reputation among foreigners.

Be sure to book a ticket a day before and to purchase it via the office because conductors are very well-known for over-charging tourists and foreigners.

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