The best lawn mower hilly terrain

Some of the most landscapes have green rolling yard, but of course because of that it makes mowing a lot more dangerous that is why picking the best lawn mower for hilly terrain is important. When you think about mowing a hilly terrain, the very first thing that comes to mind is a riding lawn mower or a tractor.

Key Factor to Think of Before Buying a Riding Lawn Mower

When you have a hilly terrain, the first thing that you need to consider is how much effort you are going to exert in mowing the lawn. And that is when you can only think of a riding lawn mower or a tractor.

#1 Stability & Traction

When looking for a riding lawn mower, you should look for safe lawn mower that won’t let you slide down a slope and compromise your own safety. It should have enough traction to give you stability and the tires should be built for that kind of terrain. Next thing you should check is if if labeled and approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

#2 Front Steer vs. Zero Turn

Almost all manufacturers of riding lawn mower suggests mowing vertically and not horizontally for safety reason. But despite this precaution, there are still risks that the tractor may flip when driving uphill. The reason for this is the shift of weight to the rear wheels. That is why front steering tractors are recommended cause they are less likely to flip over. According to Consumer Report, many zero turn radius are more difficult to control when going downhill when at top speed and might end up losing control or skid. However if you are just driving the ZTR at very slow steady speed, they will perform just like the front steer tractor.

The best lawn mower hilly terrain

#3 Deck Size

The width of your deck helps you determine how easy can you maneuver the tractor in a sloppy terrain.

  • Open yard- deck width of 42″-54″ is great
  • Tight yard- deck width of 30″-32″ will work ok and gives an even cut

#4 Multi-task

It you are planning to do other things than just mow your yard, you need to remember that the weight distribution of the tractor changes because of its attachments. Here are a few pointers:

  • When you are using the tractor in slopes, rear baggers should not be used.
  • Rear baggers make ZTR and lawn tractors more prone to tipping over because it makes the rear heavier
  • One of the contributor of costly repairs is the strain caused on the transmission when towing a lawn vac at the back of the mower.

Now that you have those pointers, I will now show you the Best Lawn Mower for Hilly Terrain

  • Husqvarna GT48XLSi Smart Switch Garden Tractor
  • One of the most heavy duty tractors
  • It has a 24HP Briggs & Stratton engine that is powerful and durable as well as comfortable in use
  • For improved traction, electronic locking comes with the transmission.
  • It has huge wheel with grips that is great for steep slopes.
  • Really high quality machine but it comes with a high price as well of about around $3400.
  • Cub Cadet XT1 LT 50
  • A bit cheaper than the first one for around $2000
  • Durable, gives clean cut finish, responsive and comfortable to use
  • This 2015 model offers upgrades if you want to
  • It has a low gravity center and wide tract making it more stable and comfortable.
  • Snapper RE210
  • This lawn mower has a 15.5 HP machine
  • Very responsive and easy to maneuver
  • It also has a patented roll lip deck
  • At a price of around $1500, this machine is one to look out for
  • Best for smaller slope because of its control and power while giving it a fine cut.
  • Its overall design and that includes the tires with good grips makes this a good value for money
  • Husqvarna YTH22C42
  • Priced at around $1800, this heavey duty lawn mower will take on any kinds of terrain
  • It has 22 cylinder Brigg & Stratton engine with a 10 year guarantee on the reinforced decking
  • It can cut various heights as well has do reverse mowing
  • According to many customer reviews, the tough tires are great for non spillage and its traction and power are perfect for hills.
  • Cub Cadet CC30
  • Best riding mower for hilly terrain because of its rear engine
  • It is capable of reversing, it has low gravity center and very easy to maneuver
  • Great traction tires suitable for small hills
  • Priced at $1350, this lawn mower has 420 cc engine power
  • Very economical

Those are the best lawn mower hilly terrain that I have personally tested and checked. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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