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Downtown Skating Bans: A Wise Idea

A Wise Idea

WALK DOWN A CITY STREET in America today and you are likely to see teens trying out new skateboard or in-line skating tricks on sidewalks or curbs. Today, millions of teens take part in those skating sports on a regular basis.

As in-line skating and skateboarding have grown in popularity in recent years, adults have grown more concerned about the dangers of both activities. On May 7, Canyon Lake, Calif., became the latest of many towns to pass a law

banning in-line skating and skateboarding from downtown areas, arguing that the skaters pose a threat to pedestrians, property, and to the skaters themselves.

Not all adults think alike, however. In Imperial Beach, Calif., the city council rejected a similar proposal to ban skating and skateboarding. Skaters and their supporters say that their sports get a bad rap and that other cities should follow Imperial Beach’s example. Continue reading Downtown Skating Bans: A Wise Idea