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Mountain mania: ski hills give way to a new breed on the boards

Snow Boarding

The sport of freestyle snowboarding is becoming increasingly popular among young people, but some older skiers resent the snowboarders because of the potential for accidents. Some ski resorts welcome the snowboarders, while other resorts ban the snowboarders.

His yellow-and-black snowboard makes scraping, scratching noises over the tightly packed snow as 13-year-old Jay Magis manoeuvres into position atop Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park. Clad in baggy Gore-Tex pants, a padded purplish jacket and a woollen tuque, Magis noses down into the ski slope’s “half-pipe,” a 100-m-long, groomed snow run that looks like a wide bobsled track. With both his boots strapped onto his board, he surfs across the flatter mid-section of the pipe, gathering speed as he heads up the curve, flying over the edge, turning in midair and gliding back down. This is freestyle snowboarding – a fresh Continue reading Mountain mania: ski hills give way to a new breed on the boards

Your guide to slide

Winter is coming

Winter in Canada is the perfect time and place to enjoy the fun and healthy exercise that skiing and snowboarding provide. Most Canadian resorts offer Discover Skiing and Discover Snowboarding packages for beginners. A directory of resorts is included.

It’s the dead of winter. It’s cold outside. Your are hiding in your living room, slippers on, fire roaring, weather channel tuned in and it’s calling for snow. The “February Blahs” are falling. You’re feeling blue and house-bound and very pale compared with the rosy-cheeked weather people, who actually look as though they’re enjoying the season.

We have one message for you: This is winter folks! It’s Canada. It’s supposed to be cold. Snow is meant to cover the ground. Grab your skis, a snowboard, and get outside and have some fun! Continue reading Your guide to slide