How to have an Effective Fishing Trip for Dummies

Fishing is not only a hobby but also an art. In order to catch fish, it is not about just throwing your fishing rod into the water. Especially, tips about fishing baits, hooks, and good spinning reel are fishers’ interests in order to have effective fishing trips. If a fisher wants to catch a fish fast, he needs to understand about the kind of fish that he is fishing, selects the right fishing rod and spinning reel depending on the location or different kind of fish. In addition, fishing bait is the most important thing to attract the fish.

Below are the factors that decide a successful fishing trip:

  1. Weather:

Heavy rain and strong wind make the fish afraid to go near the water surface and look for food. Fish also avoids looking for food when it is too sunny. Spring is the best time for fish to look for food, and because of it, it is easy to catch them.

Early morning and sunset time is the best time to catch a lot of fish also since the weather will get better and cooler around this time.

  1. Location:

If you go fishing at a pole, sit near the pole drain where the water comes from. When the water is rising, fish will follow the flow to go down from the drain.

In order to catch more fish when fishing at the river, sit near the bushes, rocks, and embankment.

I love fishing at the sea? Go at night time, fish at the rocky place.

*Tip about water surface: there are a lot of fish in place that the water surface is rippling and bubbling. Don’t choose the water surface with shadows on it, fish is afraid of it and will swim to another place.

  1. Fishing rod:

River fishing: choose the fishing rod with 1.6 to 3 meters length

Sea fishing: choose the fishing rod with 3.2 to 4.5 meters length

Fishing rod should be very sensitive, so when the fish bites the bait, we can see the float vibrating. A good spinning reel which is the most common type of fishing rod is important for those who like to catch small to medium kinds of fish.

  1. Fishing hook, float, sinker, and line

There are lot of fishing hook with different sizes. Each size is suitable for different kind of fish depending on their size. For instance, hook with crochet is good for catching seagulls while smaller hook is for catching anabas.

There are two kinds of float which are plastic and spongy float. For night fishing, there should be a light on the float. Depending on the kind of fish, we can decide if we should use a float.

Fishing sinker is made of lead. You use this to get your bait in front of the fish, but fish normally don’t care much about your sinker, they care only about the food that you are offering them. However, the shape of the sinker is very important. Pyramid sinker is faster to get to the bottom while bank sinker can help you to find fish.

Polythene fishing line is used for big fish while nylon one is used for smaller fish.

  1. Eating habit of the fish

Different fish species have various eating behaviours. Then it is important to know their eating habits in order to choose the right bait.

  1. Bait

In order to make your fishing hobby become a kind of art, besides the mentioned factors, bait is the most important one. Delicious bait is not enough but you need to know also different bait recipes.

There are two types of baits which are natural baits (worms, leeches, dough balls, insects, freshwater clams…) and artificial baits. If you go fishing at pole or lake, artificial bait suits the best while natural baits is suitable for river or sea fishing.

Thus, we need to know what kind of fish or where we will fish in order to choose the right bait. By choosing the right bait, there is 70% for sure that your fishing trip will be successful.

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