Guide to buy the Best Fish Finder

The fish finder is the best device you can use when fishing, but there are so many different types and technical terms related to that, people often feel lost when planning to buy it.

It works as an instrument that is very useful for locating fish underwater, showing the fishes as little dots on the screen, although there is so much technology involved nowadays that some devices even show the differences between the fishes.

On the next lines, you will read the best tips to choose the right fish finder without spending a lot of money.


This guide will show you list of things to BUY THE BEST FISH FINDER


Transducer: it is responsible for sending and receiving sound waves of the ocean, that are converted to images on the display of the device. It is the most important part of the fish finder and will allow you to know everything that’s going on under the water, whether there is an obstacle, fish, or even the content of the bottom, it will tell everything.

Cone Angle:  this feature is related to the coverage of the sonar waves, the higher the angle, the wider the area. A large cone angle means that sonar waves are weak, if the cone angle is narrow, it can penetrate more on the water.

If you want to use different types of angles, opt for a dual beam transducer, then you will be able to use your fish finder in different locations, either for shallow and deep water fishing.

Frequency: Higher frequencies mean more penetration on the water and more details on the screen.

The three types of frequencies are:

Dual: It uses two types of frequencies, usually one high and one low;

Single: Only one type of frequency is used on this device;

Multiple: More than two frequencies allowed.

Display: the screen can be black and white, colored, big, small and with high resolution or not, it all depends on how much you want to spend.

Black and white or colored display: Colored display is better to see details, data, and numbers on the display, but black and white is cheaper than a colored screen.

Ask yourself whether you want to save money or if you want a better screen.

Big or small: A big screen will help you see more details, but will also be more expensive.

High resolution: The higher the resolution is, the more money you spend.

Power: You will need a lot of watts if you’re planning on fishing in deep water, if it’s just in shallow water, you won’t need a lot of watts. If the power is high, your device will respond quicker.

So, if you just fish in shallow water, go for the fish finder with less power that you won’t regret.


Portable: if you are used to renting boats, get a portable fish finder;

Fixed: if the boat is yours, get a fixed fish finder and install it in a good location for you.


There are some useful questions to ask yourself when searching for this device.


It’s important that you have an idea of the places you usually go fishing if it’s shallow water or deep water because this will be crucial to determining the frequency and the cone angles. You don’t need to buy a fish finder with features for deep water if you only fish in shallow water, knowing these details will save you a lot of money.


If you’re on a tight budget, think very well about what features you really need to spend your money on, because you can do very well with a black and white display, for example.

If you don’t care about the money you’re going to spend on the fish finder, buy the best option with a high resolution.

Always remember to think about frequency, cone angles, power and display, and have in mind that as you search for the perfect fish finder for you, you will get more familiarized with the technical terms, although it may take some time.

Finding a fish finder can be difficult, but I hope that with this tips you will be able to focus on the features that we talked about in this article, and won’t need to spend extra money on a device with a lot of features you won’t use.

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