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How to treat spinal pain due to excessive sports activities

A lot of young and adults today are into sports. They play their type of sports every day as a part of their physical fitness. Actually, this is a good way to spend your free time. Instead of just hanging out in the shopping malls, bars, clubs and street, play a sport that fits your skills.

But sometimes, you may not be able to check the time or the length of time spent playing. That is because you are having fun and enjoying the sport. The same thing happens not only in sports, but to any activity that you love to do. This only means that anything you do in excess is also not good because this may harm your body.

enjoying the sport

Now, when you play excessive sports, then you may experience spinal pain. Here, there is a nerve pinch injury to the neck and shoulder. It is also called a stinger, where you will experience electrical sensations that are radiating through the arms. This spine injury occurs due to contact and collision. This is not a spinal cord injury, which will paralyze your legs and arms. Anyway, stinger cases sometimes last longer, while others are shorter. But when it recurs and not diagnosed, then treatment might be needed because pain persists.

Injuries on the spine

Lower back injury is one of the possible injuries that you may experience because of sports. Here, you will greatly deal with the strain and that is because of repetitive impact like running. Twisting motions are also experienced just like when you play golf. And then, when you weight-lift, it is also possible for you to experience a range of motions that damages your lower back.

With the neck injury, contact is involved. For example, when you play football. With this, your neck or cervical spine is at risk. So, you have to be a skilled football player to avoid such injuries.

We also have the upper back injury. I supposed, you are aware that the thoracic spine or the middle part of your spine around the rib cage level is less likely injured because of its extra support and immobility. Now, when you experience injuries in this part, then it is possible that there is a rib fracture occurred. Aside from that, intercostal muscle strain and intercostal neuralgia also occurred. This happens because of torso rotation and that is when you usually ski, swim and play tennis as well as golf.


To avoid spinal pains, you must have warm up exercises as well as stretching before playing a particular sport. Anyway, stretching your muscles is even recommended. But this has nothing to do with the occurrence of spinal pain. What’s giving you the pain is the excessive playing of sports.

Now, to avoid spinal pains and stress, warm-up is needed and must be completed before playing your game. Through the warm-up, you will be able to target and wake your muscles up. Therefore, preparing your back because stress will start to come as soon as the game starts. By the way, warm-ups also increase your blood circulation on the ligaments and muscles of your back by doing easy moves like walking. It is also good to stretch the muscles of the upper and lower back.

When treating the spinal pains, it is good to do the stretching by touching your toes while bending. This is very helpful in loosening the muscles in your lower back. When you do the cobra pose, you lie on your stomach with your hands facing down beside your shoulders. And then, gently lift the chest up. Cat-cow pose is also good, which is done by arching the back towards the ceiling and then, dipping it also towards the floor.

Sometimes, the pain persists even with the basic treatment. Now, when spinal pain continues, you better seek for a professional’s help. This usually do not need a surgery, though you may be asked for an x-ray or MRI even with a chiropractic doctor. I was injured once and cured by Dr. Kang in Zencare Chiropractic Irvine, California (read more). Thanks Dr Kang very very much!

Chiropractic Treatments

He will be able to treat your spinal pain issues after evaluating your examination. Of course, he has to plan how to treat you. This may be similar from the usual treatment that you do, but it would be more advantageous to go for a chiropractic treatment.

Various longboards brands available today

Longboarding is one of the outdoor activities that you will find along the streets. Various groups of young and professionals get together and treat thems like a king of the road. Well, you can’t do anything to stop them, especially if they are just out to enjoy and have fun. That is what they want to do and as long as they do not harm other people, then let them cruise. But, they must not forget that these activities must be done safely. If possible, they must put on their safety gears to avoid hurting themselves. They can always put on a helmet, padding and goggles if possible.

Top brands

Longboarding Skills and Abilities

When it comes to longboarding, beginners, intermediate and professionals have various techniques and stance to show in downhill, cruising and competitions. They have the American, Euro, Hybrid, Brazilian and the Classic tucks. But, before pushing yourself to show what you’ve got. It will be best to practice and master your skills and abilities to brake, land, slide, carve and pump. Continue reading Various longboards brands available today

What Are The Greatest Hiking Boots?

Backpacking Boots

People usually use backpacking bootsto practicesome heavier hiking. They are very sturdy and supportive. These bootscontainthe midsole which is much stiffer than the light one counterparts. Also, they are thegreat items for unhandierpacking loads and off-or-on, multiday trail hiking.

What Are The Greatest Hiking Boots?

Hiking Boots

These boots areabsolutely suitable for your frequent day or weekend hikes. Because of itshigh flexibility,itis great for people whochoose their first shoes or cannotknow exactly which bootsthey should buy. Hiking ones often take a short time for breaking in and they arealso very flexible. They, commonly, are high or mid cut.However, these shoes are not very sturdy and durable like the backpacking boots above.

Lightweight Hiking Boots

Practicers consider this lightweight hiking bootsas theuseful and durable walkingshoes. Althoughthey aim at the hikers who arenot the fans ofbulky backpack loads, they also fit the quick hike well. Therefore, if you want to find a very light backpack, but expanded-on trail hike, this lightweight hiking bootscan definitely be your great choice to support the easy mobility.

Suiting Your Feet To Your Ideal Hiking Boots

When you have already known exactly which is your best kind of boots, it is the high time to ensure that the hikingshoe you opt for will completely fit. One problemis that if you have never hiked before,you can findyourself pretty far away from the place you start wheneverimplementing to develop sores or other blisters in your feet.This is mainly due tothe limited quantity of choices decided in sizing from your boots to your foot.

How dothe suitable bootsbecomethe most important decision when choosingyour right hiking shoes? Actually, it is the itempreventing you from developing these sores and other pesky blisters. Moreover, it is also what praticers call “toe bang” thattakes place on most downhill hiking. Your feet should suitcomfortably when completely wearing any certain boots.

Spend some time onwandering around the interestingbootsstalls when you are shopping alone. Ensure that everything feels pleasantafter you tie your shoes strictly.Make sure no rubbing can negatively effect on your toes’sides or the heels. In case you purchase online, it is best tocarefully check most customer reviews written by the oneswith similar size. If you have the wide feet, check out this article in order to choose your best choice: Continue reading What Are The Greatest Hiking Boots?

Tips in finding the best Slowpitch softball bat

Finding the right Slowpitch Softball Bat

Anybody who is into sports would love to have their own equipment to use when they are playing because they feel more comfortable and inspired using and putting on their own equipment. So, whatever sport you are playing, you will surely enjoy the wide variety of sport equipment to choose from in the market. It will be nice if it is easy to get this equipment, but the problem is, because of the choices available, it is not that easy to pick the best one.

No matter how many varieties of softball brands and manufacturers are available on the market, buyers are still aiming for the same goal and that is to get the best bat with a good quality that their money can afford. Do not be worried about spending some money for your bat because you will surely find one that you can say the best bat for your needs as a Slowpitch Softball player.

best Slowpitch softball bat

Comparing Aluminum and Composite Softball bats

To find the best Slowpitch Softball Bat to use, you have to know about how softball bats are constructed. Is it really necessary to know about these things? Yes, because the materials used in your softball bat will determine the durability and quality of your bat. You must also know that the materials used in your softball bats will affect your performance when hitting the ball. So, it is a must for you to know which material is best for your need as a softball player.

Aside from wood and bamboo, aluminum and composite materials are also used in constructing a softball bat. Aluminum and Composite Materials are often compared when it comes to a softball construction. Let us take a look at their differences.

Continue reading Tips in finding the best Slowpitch softball bat

Top hunting backpack reviews in 2016

Hunters always know the impact of carrying their essential gear while being out in a wide field. The simplest way to bring this gear is to carry them with a multifunctional hunting backpack, which can secure your valuable equipment but not weigh you down. You must have known that a general backpack will not do the trick; however, what are the options that a hunting backpack offers you?

Top hunting backpack reviews in 2016

Top hunting backpacks for your money:

Here are some hunting backpack reviews, which is affordable for you:

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack

Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

What you need to know before purchasing a hunting backpack?

If you want to buy an online hunting backpack, it is essential for you to understand what you will get into. In case you have never bought a hunting rucksack before, we will recommend some important details for your reference:

How much is your budget?

For most situations, the more money you invest for your hunting backpack, the better quality it will be. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of great hunting backpack with various price ranges; therefore, the best way is to carefully consider which rucksack will meet your need. Anyway, the greatest hunting backpack may not be cheap.

Continue reading Top hunting backpack reviews in 2016

Trampoline with Nets-Let’s jump safe

Trampoline  with nets is the best trampoline safety among children and if they use it without safety precautions there might be chances of getting a serious injury. Hence before using trampolines you have to look many things for safety purpose. First check with the stitches of the trampoline it must be sewn in a zigzag manner with repeated stitches this is called as backtracking technique.

Stitching of this type provides more safety to the pad. Then check with the safety pads it is placed outside the jumping trampoline which is mostly provided with the trampolines. This has to be very thick to protect the person from any wounds if they fall off it. The final check you have to do with this trampoline is the condition of the springs it has to be fixed in a proper order, at the same time it has to withstand the bouncing without snapping.


The other thing you have to be very careful is that while using trampolines with nets is that only one person should use it at a time and more than one person using at a time might lead to collisions and causes serious injury. At the same time some of the trampolines can’t withstand two persons weight as it is basically designed for single person use.

In the case of children make sure to allow them of ages above six and with safety precautions else it may cause some serious health problems. If they can’t climb it to the top then it is better to use ladder and this is applicable only for kids above six. It is too risky to allow kids below the age of six as that it is not safe. Also while childrenare using their trampoline then they should have  parental supervision . Continue reading Trampoline with Nets-Let’s jump safe