A Weekend Getaway trip Preparation

How would you like to spend your weekend?

People are always busy working, but sometimes, they also need to have a break. They also deserve to go for a weekend getaway and travel. It is not necessary to go out of your country if it will just be for a day or two. So, why not go out of town and visit some great spots with your family or friends? Working is good because you need to save money for you and your family’s future, but do not forget that you also get tired. Do not forget that you also need to spend quality time with your family or friends.

Now that you have already given your time to spend with your family or friends. It will be a good idea to go to the beach, go fishing or have a picnic. It is very important for every member of the trip to have fun and relax. So, you will have to bring some foods to cook, carry baskets full of food to cook on fire and grill, where everybody is holding on their stick of food to cook. It will be a day full of an experience to remember.

Going to such weekend trips also needs some preparation. You must make sure to bring food, drinks, extra clothing and do not forget to bring tools that you can use for your cooking. Tools such as, Fallkniven knives, are essential to bring when it comes to picnics or traveling to the beach. You can always use these knives when you are preparing food to cook and when you are making fire for cooking. You may also use this knife to cut down small branches for your fire.

Interesting Functions of Fallkniven knives

Why are people interested in Fallkniven knives, anyway? It is because with the Fallkniven knife, you can spend less time in maintaining its sharpness. You do not have to sharpen the blade always. It is easy to store and keep for safety and protection. The Fallkniven knives do not easily rust and it can resist any type of weather. Some people think that Fallkniven knives are just for survival purposes, but they are wrong because you can use your knives even during your leisure time. Another interesting thing about these knives is the high quality of the blade, which means that you can use this durable and long lasting knife every time without thinking that it might get broken. The ease and comfortability of using the Fallkniven knife in any occasion is there, so, it is good if you can bring it with your weekend getaway on the beach and enjoy having picnic along the shore.

Fallkniven S1 vs F1 Assessment

Before thinking about buying a Fallkniven S1 or a Fallkniven F1. Take some time to read and assess Fallkniven S1 vs F1. This can help you to decide what Fallkniven knife to buy for your outdoor trips.

If you are going to check the blade length, the S1 measures 5.1 inches or 130 mm, while the F1 is 3.8 inches or 97 mm long. The total length of the S1 is 9.7 inches or 247 mm and an F1 has a total length of 8.3 inches or 210 mm. The thickness of the blade of an S1 is 0.2 inches or 5 mm, while an F1 has 0.18 inches or 4.5 mm. For the tang, an S1 has a protruding full tang and an F1 has a broad and a protruding tang. The type of steel material used in the construction of an S1 and F1 is the Lam. VG10. For the hardness, both the S1 and the F1, used 59 HRC material. The weight of the Fallkniven S1 is 6.7 oz. or 190 grams, while the Fallkniven F1 weighs 6 oz. or 150 grams. When it comes to the material used in the grip, both the S1 and the F1 usedthe Thermorun material.

A Weekend Getaway trip Preparation

Now that you have read the specifications of the Fallkniven S1 and the Fallkniven F1, have you chosen one? If still, you would like to find out more about these knives, then you must check them out on the nearest shops available in your area. It will be good to meet the experts, so that you can get their opinions about Fallkniven knives.

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