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How to treat spinal pain due to excessive sports activities

A lot of young and adults today are into sports. They play their type of sports every day as a part of their physical fitness. Actually, this is a good way to spend your free time. Instead of just hanging out in the shopping malls, bars, clubs and street, play a sport that fits your skills.

But sometimes, you may not be able to check the time or the length of time spent playing. That is because you are having fun and enjoying the sport. The same thing happens not only in sports, but to any activity that you love to do. This only means that anything you do in excess is also not good because this may harm your body.

enjoying the sport

Now, when you play excessive sports, then you may experience spinal pain. Here, there is a nerve pinch injury to the neck and shoulder. It is also called a stinger, where you will experience electrical sensations that are radiating through the arms. This spine injury occurs due to contact and collision. This is not a spinal cord injury, which will paralyze your legs and arms. Anyway, stinger cases sometimes last longer, while others are shorter. But when it recurs and not diagnosed, then treatment might be needed because pain persists.

Injuries on the spine

Lower back injury is one of the possible injuries that you may experience because of sports. Here, you will greatly deal with the strain and that is because of repetitive impact like running. Twisting motions are also experienced just like when you play golf. And then, when you weight-lift, it is also possible for you to experience a range of motions that damages your lower back.

With the neck injury, contact is involved. For example, when you play football. With this, your neck or cervical spine is at risk. So, you have to be a skilled football player to avoid such injuries.

We also have the upper back injury. I supposed, you are aware that the thoracic spine or the middle part of your spine around the rib cage level is less likely injured because of its extra support and immobility. Now, when you experience injuries in this part, then it is possible that there is a rib fracture occurred. Aside from that, intercostal muscle strain and intercostal neuralgia also occurred. This happens because of torso rotation and that is when you usually ski, swim and play tennis as well as golf.


To avoid spinal pains, you must have warm up exercises as well as stretching before playing a particular sport. Anyway, stretching your muscles is even recommended. But this has nothing to do with the occurrence of spinal pain. What’s giving you the pain is the excessive playing of sports.

Now, to avoid spinal pains and stress, warm-up is needed and must be completed before playing your game. Through the warm-up, you will be able to target and wake your muscles up. Therefore, preparing your back because stress will start to come as soon as the game starts. By the way, warm-ups also increase your blood circulation on the ligaments and muscles of your back by doing easy moves like walking. It is also good to stretch the muscles of the upper and lower back.

When treating the spinal pains, it is good to do the stretching by touching your toes while bending. This is very helpful in loosening the muscles in your lower back. When you do the cobra pose, you lie on your stomach with your hands facing down beside your shoulders. And then, gently lift the chest up. Cat-cow pose is also good, which is done by arching the back towards the ceiling and then, dipping it also towards the floor.

Sometimes, the pain persists even with the basic treatment. Now, when spinal pain continues, you better seek for a professional’s help. This usually do not need a surgery, though you may be asked for an x-ray or MRI even with a chiropractic doctor. I was injured once and cured by Dr. Kang in Zencare Chiropractic Irvine, California (read more). Thanks Dr Kang very very much!

Chiropractic Treatments

He will be able to treat your spinal pain issues after evaluating your examination. Of course, he has to plan how to treat you. This may be similar from the usual treatment that you do, but it would be more advantageous to go for a chiropractic treatment.